• JC-Staff-Colin

    Meet Colin

    Colin is cool and laidback. More info coming soon. But that's all you really need to know.
  • JC-Staff-John

    Meet John

  • jamil

    Meet Jamil

    20 years deep in the industry. I like to travel and sleep. I also like theatre dogs and exotic animals. My favorite drink is the John Colins because I like the honey whiskey and citrus savory it produces in the cocktail.
  • Sarah

    Meet Sarah

    I'm Sarah, I'm a singer/ceramic artist/bartender. I love dogs, hikes, travel and cilantro. I'm all about striving to be the best version of myself. My favorite drink would have to be good margarita, rocks and salt... For me, everyday should be an island day 🌴
  • Bella

    Meet Bella

    Cocktail Server
    Drink taker. Dream maker
  • Chae

    Meet Chae

    Cocktail Server
    "Where the weird are welcome…..for a while”
  • ChrisLerma

    Meet Chris

    "Heres my head shot"
  • Gore

    Meet Gore

    Gore was in the finance grind for four years before leaving to pursue his dream of opening his own bar. His favorite drinks are the JC old fashioned and the mestizo because they use liquors you can never go wrong with.
  • julia-jc

    Meet Julia

  • Matt-Farrell

    Meet Matt

    I'm all about people. Hanging out with old friends or making new ones. Some of my favorite things to do are Golfing, snowboarding, binging shows on Netflix, betting on college football (go ducks) and the NBA and exploring the outdoors. My favorite drink to make is my favorite drink to sip on - mescal final word (mescal, yellow chartreuse, Aperol, and lemon juice). It's a well balanced, spirit forward cocktail with various layers and an extended finish
  • Miles

    Meet Miles

    Hey all. My name is Myles. From the land of grapes, also simply known as..Napa. I enjoy feeding animals when the sign says not to and my favorite cocktail is the B.A Negroni. Cheers!
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